In Today’s Practice

In today’s practice I was beginning a protection weave for an upcoming family funeral. Families can be challenging in the best of times, more so when you’re vulnerable, and even more so when you’re a sensitive empath. My intention was to create a web of protection that was strong enough to shield me from anything …read in detail

Blessed Beltane

Dearest Beauty, A very blessed Beltane to you! I’ve been dancing in the flames today. Until my first sip I didn’t realize how I’ve been thirsting for you. The flames quench like water, how surprising! Fire, my old friend, reawakening and revealing something new. Something that can only be seen, not in reflection but by …read in detail

Sweet Samhain

Deep, cool, dark gratitude    Samhain sweet and clear. Longing melts in your embrace    homecoming, end of fear. Deep, cool, dark, undoing    shed my binding skin. Bliss, the freefall of my flight    surrender with my kin. Deep, cool, dark, beloved    when eyes see not the way. Come to me sweet darkness …read in detail