In Today’s Practice

In today’s practice I was beginning a protection weave for an upcoming family funeral. Families can be challenging in the best of times, more so when you’re vulnerable, and even more so when you’re a sensitive empath. My intention was to create a web of protection that was strong enough to shield me from anything that threatened my wholeness while allowing me to be open hearted to offer healing to those in grief. So I knew this weave would be a process .

I began with accepting support offered by those in my circle of trust. Thank you! Next I did some yoga to cast my circle (sun salutations to the four directions and elements). My rotation began in the South, season of fire and fruition. As I made my cycle I released to each element and gathered their power.

When I felt the energy gather and come alive I picked up my drum. It was flat, so out to the sunshine I went. With my feet bare on the earth I began to drum my flat friend. I imagined resonating with it as we were both tuned by the warmth of the sun.

Then I felt my drum call the life of my garden to attention. I could feel the response of curiosity and desire to be included in the magic. I gathered the threads of energy; from my supportive friends, the elements, the garden and began my weaving. I stood in the South and felt the fire at my back. It flowed through my heart to the North. I imagined the fire creating my protection in earth.

The drum beat faster as I drew power for my shield. It felt like forging and with this sense a presence, Brighid. She showed me how the shape my design in fire and earth. Then she turned me to stand in the East with air. The wind blew her soft breath on my new creation. It stirred the waters that doused my weave with waves cooling and solidifying what was forged in the flames.

May the sharing of this practice bring blessing to yours  


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