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Readings are simply a way of discerning the current state of your situation and identifying tools to make your desired changes. In this process Theresa uses her empathic gift to connect with you for information. She will offer suggestions for how you can create change based on the information received.
Sessions involve consciousness altering practices and are individualized based on your desired outcomes. Theresa facilitates journey and energy work for healing blocks that prevent change and restoring vitality. You will then receive practical tools for maintaining this shift and suggestions for future growth.
Ceremony/Ritual: Theresa is ordained by The Universal Life Church. She has designed various rituals to mark life’s stages including: marriage, hand fasting, naming ceremony, and croning.
Theresa designs customized rituals for your intentions: clearing energy, calling inspiration, meeting guides, honoring loved ones… By listening to your story and your desired outcome she will design a ritual for you to perform yourself or facilitate with you.

Each season in the wheel of the year provides opportunity to celebrate the gifts of that phase. Theresa practices ritual for the eight sabbots as well as for the moon phases. She sees ritual as an art form meant to bring the participants into spiritual experience through imagery, song, and movement.